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Throttle Up!

A letter from your president
Winter 2019

This has been a busy and productive quarter at VAHS!

In September, in conjunction with the Shannon Air Museum, we hosted representatives of the Fredericksburg Regional Hospitality Council. These events help us share with community members, our work here at the VAHS and to encourage tourists to visit us at the Shannon Airport Campus. On September 27, the Warrenton Chapter invited me to present The History of Aviation session at their monthly meeting. Thank you, Dave Darrah, Chapter president! The month ended with an exciting visit to our campus from the Spirit of Freedom C-54 from the Berlin Airlift Foundation, which many of our members stopped by to tour.

The month of October brought several trips to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum with Fredericksburg Chapter sustaining members Butch Cover and Tom Doran. Our mission was to retrieve numerous donated display cases and rail mounts for the Shannon Air Museum. Special thanks go to Pete Stern and the Smithsonian crews for their assistance and generosity.

The Society’s Strategic Planning Committee met twice this quarter. Recommendations are expected to be delivered to the board early in 2020. The fifth annual Shannon Harvest Festival, sponsored by the Shannon Air Museum and Shannon Airport, was held on October 26th. . Both Fredericksburg and Warrenton Chapter members contributed to ground and air operations to help make the event a huge success. On November 20, I delivered an overview of the Shannon Air Museum collection to the Virginia Aerospace Business Association in Hampton. Also presenting at that meeting was Society board member Jerod Hoogland of the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach.

Your president attended a workshop conducted by the Virginia Association of Museums entitled Serving the Differently-Abled: Neurodiversity in Museums held in Newport News. Also, in December, your VAHS office administrator, Sue Baker, celebrated her two-year anniversary with the Society. Thanks, Sue, for all you do!

Finally, the third meeting of the newly forming Richmond Chapter was held at Chesterfield Airport on December 17. Thanks go out to members Tim Donnellan and Van Crosby for helping to coordinate this meeting. The speaker was Bud Southall who discussed his role in developing and testing the lunar landing module for the Apollo 11 project.

It’s through the generous support of our members that our important projects are made possible. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society!

A Joyous Holiday Season to all and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Ray Gill
President, Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society

New Warrenton- Fauquier (KHWY) Terminal Almost Complete

New Warrenton- Fauquier (KHWY) Terminal Almost CompleteWe are on the “Final Countdown” to the finishing touches to complete our new Terminal. Most of our furniture has arrived and in place. The skilled labor needed to complete items for inspection are scheduled in the proper sequence to meet our timelines and the commercial cleaning crew is scheduled to come in to clean the new girl from stem to stern on Monday the 30th of December. We still must move our IT network in, move the avionics equipment over and have our robust Data Stream Broadband installed before we can actually function in the building. We are looking to be operating there by mid-January. The public space furniture was funded through a grant with DOAV. Gratefully, the private space furniture, TV’s, and appliances have all been purchased through generous donations by our patrons and several benefactors. No public moneys were used. Thanks to all who helped us out in this respect. The Grand Opening will be in the early spring so standby for further updates as we get the dates all set. We do plan to hold a soft opening, aka an Open House, soon after moving in. The attached photo shows the building wet and wild at night. When she is completely finished, I’ll update you with a full, day photo!

Dave Darrah,
VAHS Vice President
Warrenton Chapter President

Throttle Up: A letter from the President

I sincerely hope everyone has enjoyed a pleasant, flight-filled summer. A heart-felt thank you to all of our new members, as well as our faithful renewing members.

Over the past few months, it has been my pleasure to be able to visit all of our chapters and many members I only knew by name. July took me to Topping, Virginia to do a presentation on the early history of Virginia aviation for the Northern Neck/Middle Peninsula Chapter at The Pilot House Inn in Topping, Virginia. It was a great visit and my thanks go out to Nancy Miller and George Galo for their hospitality. Also in July, I attended a presentation at the Fredericksburg Chapter conducted by Warrenton Chapter member Phil Hornung on the highlights of early aviation in the Widewater area of Stafford County. Thanks to Luke Curtas for the use of Shannon Air Museum.

August found me at the Richmond Executive Airport (FCI) for the second meeting of the newly forming Richmond Chapter. Our presenter was our own chairman, Dave Young discussing his experiences as a B-52 pilot in Vietnam. Appreciation is due Joe Hoyle of the Wingnuts Flying Club for assisting us in organizing this well-attended event. Due to the generosity of Luke Curtas of Shannon Airport (EZF) I attended the Virginia Aviation Conference in Roanoke, representing both the VAHS and Shannon Air Museum. We had lots of visitors and enjoyed networking with all of the great vendors. Member Larry Waltrip of Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport (KJGG) visited our booth, as did member Alvin Lynn. Alvin ended up winning a great vendor door prize while there.

A visit to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for a little research in the Pioneers of Exhibit kicked off September. Lots of new construction will bring new exhibits and more space later in 2019. I am most grateful to Williamsburg Chapter members Terry Riley and David Eberly for inviting me to speak at the Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning at William and Mary on September 11 and September 18. There is no better audience than aviation enthusiasts!

The balance of September will see the headquarters’ team busy conducting meetings and preparing for the 41st Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame Banquet to be held on October 19 in Fredericksburg. If you haven’t made your reservations, please do so before October 7th. We need your support to continue our important preservation efforts!

Safe travels! See you at the Hall of Fame Dinner!


Ray Gill

President, Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society

Headquarters Chatter (April 2019)

In pondering what to say in my second article as Chairman of the VAHS Board of Directors it crossed my mind as to why I joined and continue to belong to the VAHS. Thinking about the words that make up the name of our organization – yes, I’m a Virginian (Virginia); yes, I’ve been involved in aviation (Aeronautical) for approximately 60 years and an active pilot for over 50 of those years; yes, I enjoy the comradery of belonging to an organization of like minded folks (Society); but I think one of the main reasons I’m attracted to the VAHS is its tie to aviation history (Historical).

In my professional years in the military, as a university administrator and dean of a university aeronautics school I was involved many times in setting a sense of direction, in creating a vision and in leading an organization to grow and move forward. Thus, I’m reminded of the adage “If you don’t know where we’ve been you won’t know where you’re going.” Or, as some are wont to say, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” As aviators, knowing and understanding our aviation roots will help us understand and better apprecoate all the advances and technology which exist today and how to best apply them. Most particularly we will have a far greater appreciation for the role aviation and airplanes have played in building today’s world and how it will affect the future.

Almost 15 years ago I transitioned to flying airplanes with “glass cockpits.” Cessna 172’s that had more advanced communication and navigation systems than some commercial airliners and current military aircraft. Having flown “basic needle, ball and airspeed” aircraft early in my flying career, although it was a challenge to make the change, the old knowledge combined with the new made me a better pilot.

The same is true for having good aeronautical sense and making sound aeronautical decisions. Putting and viewing situations in their current context is important but looking at them with a historical perspective provides even better, as we say in the flying world, SA or situational awareness.

For almost two years as the president of the Lynchburg Regional Airshow corporation (don’t let me fool you – it’s a bunch of volunteers who like to put on airshows) I’ve been involved in preparing for the 75th commemoration of the 1944 D-Day invasion. In my opinion, this was one of, if not the most monumental military operation in the history of warfare. The success of D-Day set the stage for the conquering of the Nazi regime and freeing Europe from the tyranny of Hitler and his henchmen. What I’ve come to appreciate most is an increased awareness of the significance of what occurred 75 years ago. If it had failed, we would be living in a different world and potentially a much different country. Understanding, knowing and appreciating the sacrifices that were made and the importance of the application of airpower are critical to military planners even today as we continue to guard the freedoms we enjoy. What we learned in aviation in the 1940’s set the stage for the future of commercial aviation, for training pilots and aircrews and for even recreational pilots. It is the basis for much of how we fly today and why we do it the way we do.

This is why I joined the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society and continue to tout its value to today’s generation – we should never forget how we got where we are and how we draw on history to carry us forward.

Come visit us at: The Pilot House, 3381 Shannon Airport Circle, Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Mailing address: VAHS, Shannon Airport KEZF Campus, PO Box 7795, Fredericksburg, VA 22404-7795
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