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vaairportsVirginia Airports

Virginia is the location of some of the earliest and many of the most important airports in the nation. To commemorate these significant airports the Society published the 250 page book Virginia Airports: A Historical Survey of Airports and Aviation from the Earliest Days by Vera Foster Rollo, Ph.D., and Norman L. Crabill.

Books are also available for resale, please contact the VAHS for a price list. To purchase this important book, contact: Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society, 5701 Huntsman Road, Richmond, Virginia 23250-2416, (804) 222-8690, e-mail:

Short Stories coverGet your copy now!

Short Stories of Aviation

A great compilation of general aviation and military aviation stories as written by the men and women that lived them. This book can be yours for $15 including tax and shipping. Call Jen Melton at (804) 222-8690 or send her an e-mail at We are working on Volume II so  send in your stories now! You can also e-mail those to Jen at or just drop it in the mailbox. Get your story preserved for history.  Everyone has a story to tell. Have yours told for generations to come.