Chairman’s Blog


I hope everyone had a great summer. Things were certainly busy around the Crosby house. By the time this issue of Virginia Eagles makes it to your door, Karis will be married and Lynn and I will have our one and only son-in law, Chase Cox. (great young man) We really can hardly wait, but I also look forward to a little less daily drama!
In July I attended the Northern Neck chapter meeting and thoroughly enjoyed the program. We were treated to real lesson in logistics and how USA got all those planes to the South Pacific during World War II. I used the opportunity to give a young man named Miles Ford his first aircraft ride before he headed to VMI for his rat year. His mom (Renee) is the Director of Finance for the Newport News/Williamsburg Airport joined us and Miles would like to become a Marine pilot! Our chapters are a big part of the VAHS and Northern Neck has really stepped up their activity thanks to Nancy and others. If you haven’t made a chapter trip give it a try! Many of the quest speakers are first class and soon some of their stories will only be available in 3rd person. The other chapters are in Warrenton and Williamsburg and have speaker programs as well. The website,, will post all the meetings and information on upcoming speakers.
Remember we will have changes that take effect in October for our leadership. Please welcome and find an opportunity to thank them for their time and support. Our future is in good hands!
Chairman of the Board – Linda Burdette
President – Tim McSwain
The Science Museum of Virginia has decided to separate from the Virginia Aviation Museum. The VAHS donated the VAM to the SMV in 1990 and they now may return the gift. A special committee of VAHS Board members have been working hard all summer evaluating the best options for VAM. I feel good about the future of the Virginia Aviation Museum and expect the details of the museum’s next chapter will be decided by year end.
I look forward to seeing everyone at the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame on November 14, 2015

Van Crosby
Chairman of the Board