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Van’s Vectors

Change is in the air and we are going to be looking for vectors from many of you on the best way to navigate the future. As time goes by the general population of the country (especially our youth) seem to be less focused on history. The need to educate the next generation of the importance of Virginia aviation history plays right into the mission of the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society and we should accept the challenge. I believe this not to be a trend, but rather a cycle of our culture and this is our opportunity to influence the next change of the cycle.
The Board of the VAHS is working to rebrand the Society. We want to actively pursue the younger generations and have started with a new more user-friendly website. ( Not only will you find things up to date, you can complete membership applications, purchase items, view videos, pay dues, nominate applicants to the Hall of Fame and much, much more. If you don’t find what you are looking for just let us know. We can now make changes right in our office.
The first Al Orgain Annual Spring Party and Fund Raising Auction was a great success and an enjoyable evening for all that attended. It was wonderful to see Jan Orgain and family and cannot thank them enough for their support. We also thank all the sponsors whose donations help coverage expenses and allow us to continue to grow this fund raising event.
Change maybe in the future for the Virginia Aviation Museum as well. As most of you know, the VAHS donated the museum to the Science Museum of Virginia in 1990. The SMV has asked the VAHS to consider options for future support of the VAM. Our Board of Directors has agreed to evaluate the options and plans to work towards the best resolution for the VAM. There is sure to be more to report in our next Virginia Eagles newsletter.

Van E. Crosby
Chairman, VAHS