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Reed I. West Aviation History Project

So as not to be lost forever, the Reed I. West Aviation History Project is designed to interview and record the stories of Virginia’s aviation pioneers as well as other individuals, events and locations instrumental in the Commonwealth’s aeronautical advancement.  This project was made possible by a generous bequest from Mr. Reed I. West.  To date the VAHS has completed more than 20 videos including members of the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame and videos on Langley, the DuPont Glider, and Byrd’s flight.  This is an on-going project that will eventually encompass all of the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame.

Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame videos:

Leonard L. Bottoms

Weldon C. Britton

Philip Brown

John Clarke

Sen. Charles Colgan

Norman L. Crabill

William Davenport

RADM DeWitt Freeman

Capt. Arnim L. “Al” Harris, Jr. EAL

Wesley V. Hillman

Charles Kulp

Joseph Mathias

Dick Merrill

Neilson J. November

Jeanne Pedigo

Maj. Kenneth A. Rowe

Rucker Tibbs

Harvey Ray Tyson

Historical Videos:

R.E. Byrd

Richard DuPont

U.S.S. Langley

 Other Video Links:

Many times outside videographers and researchers use the extensive archives here at the VAHS for their projects.  Below are a few links to some projects that Henrico County TV has produced using the VAHS archives.

Richard Evelyn Byrd:  Admiral of the Antarctic

Taking Flight:  Stories of Modern Virginia Aviation

Taking Flight:  Stories of Early Virginia Aviation 1864-1940

Taking To The Sky:  First Ladies of Aviation

Ready to Respond:  Police and Fire at Richmond International Airport