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Old Pilot’s Log

Action Alert: Making Progress But Need Your Help To Save the Va. Aviation Museum!

Dear VAHS members, friends and supporters:

The Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society continues to make progress in saving the Virginia Aviation Museum. We have met with several more state lawmakers since our last action alert to you and many of them have committed their support to a six month delay in any efforts by the Science Museum of Virginia to disperse of the priceless collection of Virginia’s aviation history. Many also share our vision as to how the VAM can play a role in STEM/STEAM education.

Our plan is to circulate a letter in the near future to the 20-plus members of the Richmond-area delegation to the General Assembly, and another one to all other members, asking Secretary of Education Dietra Trent to instruct the Science Museum to halt all action pertaining to the distribution of the collection for six months. During that time, a study will be completed detailing how to re-open the Aviation Museum apart from the Science Museum.

We are very encouraged by the support so many of you have provided thus far, as well as the offers of support from a large number of new friends, many of whom we met at the Virginia Aviation Conference at the Homestead earlier this month. For those who have already contacted your state senators and delegates and signed our online petition, we gratefully thank you. Please take the extra step by forwarding this e-mail to your lists and posting it on Facebook and other social media in order to make a similar appeal for action and to raise awareness of this issue. To conveniently do any or all of the above, please see the links posted below.

For those who are receiving our updates for the first time, or have not yet contacted your legislators, thank you for your interest. Please contact them immediately and ask them to sign the forthcoming letter for a six month delay in the dispersal of the Virginia Aviation Museum’s collection to out of state museums. Please also sign our online petition. The effort requires only a few minutes time, but can save decades of history.

This is hard work and it takes all of us, but it is very achievable. Please take a few minutes to write your lawmakers, sign our petition and raise awareness of this situation with as many aviation enthusiasts, people who work in the industry, educators and history lovers as you can.

Click here (or copy it into your browser) and type in your address to find your delegate and senator and their e-mail addresses. Include your address in your correspondence so they will know you are a constituent.

Click here (or copy into your browser) to sign and comment on our petition:

Copy this link to post this e-mail alert in web form to your Facebook page or other social media platforms:

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